The Braves – Interview With Kel and Jesse

I recently sat down with Jesse and Kel Melbourne band The Braves to chat about a new video-clip, and plans for a new album (amongst other things)

TD – So you have an album in the works, tell a bit about that?

Braves: It was recorded about 9 or 10 months ago.. it’s taken it’s time but it’s getting off the ground now.
.. there’s a lot of processes invloved and things you gotta along the way to try and get it out there… a lot of opportunities.

You can do it a lot of ways; you can just burn it to cds or you go though people.. we got the opportunity to get it out through a distributor.. it’s all coming together quite nicely.. we’re going to release it through Masterstroke Records (a Crush Diamond Production).. it’s a great feeling, just it all tracklisted and it’s ready to be mastered now.. it’s just waiting now – we’re just sitting on it.

TD- Tell us about where you recorded the album..

Braves: We went to an abandoned factory.. and broke in there the night before we planned to record and put a bunch of gear in there.. and then we got there the next morning and security had been around; they’d locked it all up again and put a little notice on there being like “there’s been a break in” and “blah blah blah”.. so we were like “fuck what’s plan B” .. didn’t have a plan B (laughs).
So we hauled all the gear into the car and drove down to where I (Kelly) work in Bayswater.. A small little factory; we set all the stuff up – set up an 80s TASCAM unit, big mixing desk, a DAT machine and a TASCAM tape player and just fuckin’ flogged out the music in about 5 hours.. came back with a big bulk of work to lay vocals over; nearly each song was done in one take (apart from vocals).

TD – What would be your dream gig.. who would you love to support?

Braves: If there was any band that could come over.. in a realistic sense if you just threw it out to them .. it would be The Amazing Snakeheads (–amazing-snakeheads/).

TD – The Braves in three words?

Braves: …. Sonic. Mind. Destruction.

Be sure to check out The Braves at Cherry Bar on Saturday the 24th of May at Cherry Bar, supporting The Solicitors.
Keep an eye The Braves new album which should be out soon.